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Our award winning Indian food blends traditional and modern dishes from across India. We use only the freshest ingredients, preparing our food from scratch every day. There are no artificial colouring or flavourings in our dishes just tender, fresh and succulent ingredients prepared with all the experience and skill of our chefs, honed over many years.
We are a Vegetarian and Vegan friendly restaurant. Just talk to us about what you’d like. A lot of our dishes and sides are already vegan and many can be adapted


Neiko Bashi £7.95
Spiced mushrooms cooked with garlic

Indian Mussels £9.95
Mussels in rich garlic sauce

Murgh Liver £8.95
Lightly spiced chicken liver served on bed of salad

Paprika Chicken Tikka £8.95
Using fresh paprika marinade

Punjabi Chicken Lollipops £8.95
With chilli, lime and cinnamon

Chilli Paneer (V) £7.95
Hot and spicy indian cheese

Chilli Chicken £8.95
A spicy hot dish of sliced chicken cooked in a chilli sauce with peppers

Barra Kebab £8.95
Lamb in a well rounded massala with pineapple juice

Vegetable Pakora (V) £6.95
Vegetables mixed with aromatic herbs and spices

Kebab Katali (V) £7.95
Pancake stuffed with spinach and potato

Onion Bhajee (V) £5.95
Fried onion ball

Samosa £6.95
Triangular pastry filled with chicken, minced lamb or vegetables (V)

Chicken Tikka £8.95
Chicken marinated in yogurt, herbs and spices cooked in a tandoor oven

Sheek Kebab £8.95
Minced lamb, ginger and mixed spices cooked on a skewer

Jingha Garlic £12.95
King prawns cooked in tandoor with a hint of garlic and mint

Murgh Nazakat £8.95
Succulent chicken flavoured with garlic and nutmeg

Chat Massala £8.95
Chicken, potato (V) or chickpeas (V) cooked in a
traditional massala sauce and wrapped in a puri

Duck Tikka £9.95
Tandoori spices, tamarind glaze

Salmon Tikka £12.95
Fillet of salmon marinated in honey, dill, fennel and ginger

King Prawn Puree £12.95
King prawns served in a spicy sweet and sour sauce, served on a puree

Bist Kebab £8.95
Pancake stuffed with delicately spiced lamb

Mehti Fish Tikka £10.95
Fresh monkfish with fenugreek leaf and turmeric

King Prawn Suka £12.95
King prawns in tamarind, garlic and honey chilli

Tandoori Ocean Tiger Prawns £12.95
Marinated in tomato and ginger, and cooked in tandoor

Tandoori Broccoli (V) £7.95
With yogurt and mango ginger sauce

King Scallops £12.95
Large and diver caught in a light green herb sauce (D

Mixed platter £10.95
(minimum 2 person price per head) Chicken, lamb and vegetables

Seafood Mixed Platter £14.95
(min 2 person price per head) Mehti Fish Tikka, Salmon Tika, Crispy Squid Rings, Jingha Garlic and Tandoori Oceans Prawns (eat in only)



Chicken Moglai 
Grilled chicken medium spiced with cashew nuts

Duck Segunda 
Cooked with garlic and chilli in massala sauce

Gost Halim 
Lamb shank cooked in a tangy lentil sauce

Chicken Chilli Massala 
Cooked in garlic and chilli in massala sauce

Duck and Cashew Nuts 
Succulent roasted duck cooked in coconut milk with cashew nuts

Butter Chicken 
Chicken prepared in a very mild and creamy sauce, sprinkled with ground chestnut

Green Chicken Curry 
Goan style curry with mint and fresh coriander

Sikendari Badi Lamb 
Lamb shank marinated in herbs and spices, and roasted in the oven

Garlic Chilli Chicken Curry 
Garlic flavoured chicken cooked in a hot, spicy sauce

Murghi Massala 
Chicken cooked with minced lamb, mixed together with exotic herbs and spices

Lamb Chennai 
Lamb marinated in ground coriander, pepper and crushed chillies. Spicy

Raan Mussalam 
Leg of lamb, slowly roasted with royal cumin garam massala

Methi Murgh 
Chicken breasts simmered in turmeric, fenugreek and mild Indian spices

Pistachio Murgh 
Chicken braised in pistachio, fennel and green chilli. A mild spiced, but distinct curry

Amaya Chicken/Lamb 
Tender chicken or lamb, cooked in a mild sauce with almonds and a hint of Malibu

Chicken Tamarind 
Diced chicken with sliced onions, ginger cooked in a tamarind sauce

Korai Kebab Kyberi 
Diced chicken tikka, medium spiced with peppers

Paneer Moglai (v) 
Grilled paneer medium spiced with cashew nuts

Achari Chicken/Lamb 
Chicken or lamb cooked in a medium spiced sauce with Indian pickle

Mila Gost 
Tender pieces of lamb braised in spices with a subtle touch of sweet and sour fragrant spices

Harvali Chops 
Marinated Lamb Chops covered in a rich, medium spiced sauce



King Prawn Moglai £20.95
Grilled King prawns medium spiced with cashew nuts

Chilli Monkfish £20.95
Grilled Monkfish with peppers, fresh chillies and

Tandoori Monkfish Massala £20.95
Monkfish grilled and prepared in a special massala sauce

Seafood Bhuna £20.95
An infusion of king scallops, squid and prawns in a medium blend of bhuna spices and herbs

Goan Fish Curry £20.95
Tandoori Monkfish mixed with delicate spices, herbs and coconut milk

King Prawn Kalam £20.95
King prawns medium spiced with garlic and tomatoes

King Prawn Asari £20.95
Cooked in a creamy sauce with cashew nuts and garlic

Begum Adda King Prawn £20.95
Medium spiced with aubergine



Korma – Mild curry with thick coconut curry, smooth texture

Tikka Massala – A mild, creamy curry using tomato, almonds and coconut powder

Bhuna – Medium spiced, with tomatoes, onion, garlic and coriander

Saag – Medium spiced with spinach

Korai – Medium spiced, with ginger, garlic and

Rogan – Medium with tomatoes and peppers

Balti – Cooked with balti spices, fresh tomatoes,
capsicum, coriander and aromatic spices

Pathia – Highly spiced sweet and sour sauce

Dansak – Sweet and sour hot sauce, cooked with lentils

Jalfrezi – Spicy, with fresh chillies

Madras – Hot curry, with fresh ground spice and chilli powder

Vindaloo – A very hot and spicy curry with potato

Duck £14.95
Chicken £12.95
Lamb £13.95
Paneer (v) £10.95
Vegetable (v) *(ve) £9.95 *ask for vegan
King Prawn £20.95



Rice cooked with a rich biryani sauce

Vegetable (V) (*VE) £12.95

Chicken £14.95

Lamb £15.95

Chicken Tikka £15.95

Lamb Tikka £15.95

Tandoori King Prawn £22.95

Buddha Special Biryani £22.95
Chicken, lamb and king prawns



Marinated for 24 hours in exotic spices, then grilled in the tandoor oven

Tandoori Chicken £10.95
Chicken on the bone marinated in herbs and grilled over charcoal

Chicken Tikka £12.95
Marinated in a homemade paste, skewered and grilled in the tandoor

Paprika Chicken Tikka £12.95
Marinated in paprika

Tandoori Lamb Chops £16.95
Marinated in honey and spices, and cooked in the tandoor

Jingha Garlic £20.95
King prawns marinated with garlic

Salmon Tikka £20.95
Marinated in a homemade paste, skewered and grilled over charcoal

Tandoori Monkfish £19.95
Monkfish marinated in a medium sauce, cooked in tandoor

Tandoori Ocean Tiger Prawns £20.95
Grilled king prawns cooked in tandoor

Barra Kebab £12.95
Lamb in a well rounded massala with pineapple juice

Duck Shashlik £16.95
Grilled duck with peppers, tomatoes and onions

Tandoori Mixed Grill £16.95
Consisting on chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab and tandoori chicken

Paneer Shashlik (V) £10.95
Marinated Indian cheese, served with peppers, onions and tomatoes

Chicken Shashlik £12.95
Chicken tikka served with peppers, onions and

Sea Food Platter £26.95
Salmon Tikka, Scallops, Monkfish, King Prawns and Squid Rings

Murgh Nazakat £12.95
Grilled chicken marinated in garlic and coriander



(ve) Make sure you mention vegan with server when ordering.

Bombay Aloo (v) (ve) £6.50
Potato cooked Indian Style

Saag Aloo (v) £6.50
Spinach cooked with potato

Saag Bhajee (v) £6.50
Spinach with roasted garlic

Mushroom Bhajee (v) (ve) £6.50

Cauliflower Bhajee (v) (ve) £6.50

Brinjil Bhajee (v) (ve) £6.50
Aubergine and mixed spices

Bhindi Bhajee (v) (ve) £6.50
Okra sautéed with mixed spices

Muttar Paneer (v) £7.50
Paneer cooked with green peas, garam
massala and spices

Saag Paneer (v) £7.50
Spinach with Indian cheese

Aloo Ghobi (v) (ve) £6.50
Potato and cauliflower

Saag Daal (v) (ve) £6.50
Spinach with lentils

Mushroom Saag (v) (ve) £6.50
Spinach and mushroom

Chef Special Tarka Daal (v) (ve) £6.50
Lentils Chef’s special recipe

Sabsi Bahar (v) (ve) £6.50
Dry mixed vegetables

Mixed Vegetable Curry (v) (ve) £6.50

Channa Massala (v) (ve) £5.50
Flavoursome chickpeas medium spiced



Poppadoms (each) £1.00

Chutney tray (per person) £1.00

Basmati Rice £3.50

Pilau Rice £4.00

Mushroom Rice £5.50

Coconut Rice £5.50

Keema Rice £6.95

Special Fried Rice £5.50

Garlic Chicken Rice £6.95

Plain Naan £4.00

Garlic Naan £4.95

Cheese Naan £4.95

Garlic Cheese Naan £4.95

Peshwari Naan £4.50

Keema Naan £4.50

Paratha £4.50

Stuffed Paratha £3.50

Tandoori Roti £3.50

Raitha £3.95

Raitha £4.50

Chapatti £2.50




You can socialise, eat and drink in our bar lounge with up to 6 people or simply relax before and after your meal at The Fat Buddha. Maybe try one of our classic or bespoke cocktails? Our Bar Lounge is available to hire for events and special occasions (Subject to current COVID regulations). During Covid-19 regulations there is no standing or ordering at the bar. Table service only.


We have a large selection of premium bottled and tapped lager along with only the best spirits. Our specially curated wine and Champagne list is highly regarded with carefully selected bottles to accompany your meal.


(Currently just maidenhead, coming to Berkhamsted soon) Our cocktail list is like no other. Along with the classics we have some amazing bespoke cocktails with your award winning Indian meal in mind. SEE MENU


We are confident you’ll love our carefully curated gin menu with some of the finest you can buy.



SPECIALS | £9.95

Chit Chaat – Gin, Green Melon liqueur, Curry Leaves, Chaat masala

Chai Old Fashioned – Golden Rum, Masala tea syrup, cardamom bitters, sweet milk, crushed biscuit

Turkish Delight – Gin, lychee liqueur,  rose, edible gold, popping candy

Chilli Mary – The Fat Buddha’s signature Bloody Mary mix with a spicy twist

Coco Colada – Smoked Arrack, fresh pineapple,  coconut water,  pineapple dust

Shah Jeera Sour – Star anise whiskey, vanilla and cumin syrup, lemon curd, egg white

Saffron Martini – Saffron gin, vermouth, orange blossom essence

Fat Buddha Signature – cognac, espresso, dark chocolate, tobacco oil, truffle

Mango Kulfi – Mango rum, almond milk, pistachio syrup


CLASSICS | £9.95

Mojito – Rum, brown sugar, fresh lime, mint

Cosmo – Vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice

Pornstar Martini – Vanilla vodka, passionfruit liqueur, passionfruit juice, prosecco

Old Fashioned – Whiskey, brown sugar, angostura bitters

Long Island Iced Tea – Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Triple sec, lime, Coke

Espresso Martini – Vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso

Pina Colada – Coconut rum, pineapple juice, cream

Margarita – Tequila, lime, triple sec, 

Aperol Spritz – Aperol, Prosecco, Soda

Negroni – Gin, Sweet Vermouth, Campari


Berry Breeze – mixed summer berries, apple juice, lemonade

The Skinny Buddah – mango, pineapple, passionfruit, ginger beer



SPECIALS | £9.95

GORDON’S GIN – 37.2%
Distilled in London. Best served with lime
Single £4.50 Double £7.50

Distilled by William grant and sons
in Scotland. Best served with cucumber
Single £5.95 Double £10.95

Distilled in Whitchurch. Best served with lime
Single £5.50 Double £9.95

MONKEY 47 – 47%
Distilled in the Black Forest in
Germany. Best served with juniper berries
Single £7.00 Double £11.95

Distilled in Iceland. Best served with strawberries
Single £5.50 Double £9.95

OPIHR– 42.5%
Distilled in Warrington. Best served with chilli
Single £5.95 Double £10.95


CLASSICS | £9.95

GIN MARE – 42.7%
Distilled in Netherlands. Best served with oranges
Single £6.95 Double £11.50

Distilled in St. Andrews, Scotland. Best served with lime
Single £6.95 Double £11.95

Distilled in Warrington. Best served with strawberries
Single £5.95 Double £10.95

Distilled in Portugal. Best served with strawberries
Single £6.95 Double £11.50

Distilled in London. Best served with lime
Single £5.95 Double £10.95

NO. 10 – 47.3%
Distilled in London. Best served with juniper berries
£5.95 Double £10.95

Fever tree tonic – £2.00 Slimline fever tree – £2.00




Our award winning food, a unique blend of traditional meets modern cuisine, is the perfect way to cater for your special guests. Talk to us about how we can create a bespoke menu, small or large. 


It doesn’t matter what the occasion, The Outdoor Tandoor can prepare, cook, self serve or staff your event with multi award winning food. We can supply our Outdoor Tandoor oven or simply supply delicious Indian dishes.